22 December 2021
Renewable energy business partner Litelektra joins PeerBerry

A Lithuanian renewable energy company Litelektra, co-owned by Gofingo Group shareholders, starts partnering with PeerBerry. A new business partner brings the opportunity to PeerBerry investors to benefit from investments into renewable energy business loans with a 10% ROI. 6 months-term Litelektra business loans are double secured – backed by a buyback guarantee and a Gofingo Group guarantee.

“Litelektra owns and develops a wind farm in Lithuania (in Taurage region, Batakiai), and we have ambitious plans to grow in 2022 by expanding wind and solar energy farms within our country. Partnering with PeerBerry will help us implement our business strategy more efficiently and quickly,” – says Darius Surgautas, CEO of Litelektra.

Litelektra aims to make the combination of renewable wind and sun energy more accessible by ensuring a full cycle of stable and affordable energy throughout the whole year.

Litelektra is planning to acquire a wind farm in Silales region (Lithuania) with a total installed capacity of 0.5 MW, and one wind farm in Kalvarija region (Lithuania) with installed capacity of 0.25 MW.

Business loan details:

Collateral: pledge of all Litelektra LLC rights on present and future contracts and receivables

Collateral value: EUR 1 188 000, Verslavita LLC, 2021-12-17

Loan to value (LTV): 59%

Appraiser valuation: EUR 1 188 000, Verslavita LLC, 2021-12-17

Need for funding: EUR 700 000

Business loan term: 180 days

Company website https://litelektra.com.