Performance statistics

Updated at 22-09-2023 17:50 UTC

Outstanding Portfolio


€‎ 2 060 262 492

Total invested


Average annual investment return

Loans funded

Interest paid to investors

Loans Outstanding by Loan Type

€ 56 348 647
(56.79 %)




Real Estate


Loans Outstanding by Loan Originator

Credit Plus KZ
€ 9 193 347
(9.26 %)

Credit Plus KZ

Credit365 KZ

Lithome LT

Si Baltic LLC

Pozyczka Plus PL

Smart Pozyczka PL – personal loans

Credit365 MD

A Credit KZ


Cash-Express PH

LLC Pakrantės būstas

Auto-Money KZ

Smart Pozyczka PL

Pozyczka plus PL – personal loans

Credit7 RO

Onecredit KZ

Zecredit UA

LendPlus KE

Gofingo UA

Aventus NT

Slon Credit UA

Euro Groshi UA

Půjčka Plus CZ

Credit7 MD

LendPlus IN

Cash X LK

Auto Money UA

Cash24 PH

Credit7 UA

Credit7 RU

Belka Credit RU

Nado deneg RU

LLC Selfie credit

Euro Groshi LLC

Sos Credit CZ

LLC Teratus

Aldega LLC

Credit plus UA

Selfie credit LLC

1 / 7

Investments statuses

89.41 %

Investments statuses


0 %

1-15 days late

0 %

16-30 days late

0 %

31-60 days late

0 %

61-120 days late

0 %

121-180 days late

0 %

180+ days late

0 %

Note. PeerBerry has never had loans overdue for more than 60 days. There have never been defaulted loans in PeerBerry’s history.

Please also note, that war-affected lenders in Ukraine and Russia have another status, and war-affected loans are treated differently compared to performing loans. War is a force majeure event, it is in no way a failure of the business.

Repayments of war-affected loans

War-affected UA loans

Covered obligations
€ 25 297 976
(83.32 %)

Covered obligations

Remaining obligations

War-affected RU loans – 100% repaid

Covered obligations
€ 20 270 457
(100 %)

Covered obligations

Remaining obligations

Repayments of war-affected loans by the group of companies

Covered obligations
Remaining obligations

Repayments of war-affected loans by loan originators

Covered obligations
Remaining obligations
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