About us

Our experience and knowledge speak for themselves.

The Company

PeerBerry is the ultimate alternative investment marketplace with up to 12,5% return on investment and easy to use cutting edge investment tools. Our clients are the cornerstone of our business and our biggest assets. Strong focus on investors’ expectations, high level of risk management, and innovativeness led us to become one of the most trustful and leading P2P marketplace platforms in Europe. With PeerBerry you earn your lifestyle investing in consumer loans originated by credible non-banking lenders from European and Asian markets. PeerBerry launched on the 1st of November 2017 with loans originated primarily by Aventus Group and its subsidiaries. We are carefully expanding our loan originators network seeking to offer you even more diverse investment opportunities. We strongly believe that passive income guarantees a stable economy and better lifestyle hence our mission is to bring passive income to everyone.

We do it through 3 areas

Cutting-edge technology

We continuously invest in most modern IT solutions and infrastructure simplify processes and tools, so you find investing easy yet very effective.

Sharing our expertise

With over 10 years of experience in loans, investment, and risk management sectors we are open to share our knowledge, so you can make money using our expertise.

Building trust

We start building trust from secure infrastructure, efficient Auto Invest, and trustworthy loan originators all the way through to transparency with investors, customer service, and no hidden fees or small print.

We are here for your assistance

Arunas Lekavicius: CEO

Arūnas Lekavičius



Rita Simanavičiūtė: Head of Marketing and Communications

Rita Simanavičiūtė

Head of Marketing and Communications


Tadas Bulota

Lawyer / Compliance Officer


Viktar Kamiahin: CTO

Viktar Kamiahin



Anna Naumenko

IT & Product Development Manager


Kotryna Dovgialaitė

Head of Client Support


Brigita Mociūtė

Customer Care and Operations Manager


Mantė Knystautaitė

Customer Care and Operations Manager


Ilona Červonaja

Financial Analyst


So, what's next?

Start investing

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