01 June 2024
May 2024 | PeerBerry investors funded EUR 49.13M in loans

PeerBerry’s portfolio grew to EUR 113.12 million last month (from EUR 110.59 million at the end of April) further ensuring our investors a higher invested amount.

As expected, the loan supply on the platform was higher in May than in April. PeerBerry investors funded EUR 49.13 million in loans last month, 8% more than in April.

In May, our investors received EUR 943 920 in interest.

Last month, 1 425 new investors joined the platform. PeerBerry currently has 84 041 verified users.

Since PeerBerry’s inception, investors have funded over EUR 2.6 billion of loans and earned over EUR 32.47 million in interest.

In 2023, PeerBerry earned a net profit of EUR 437 745

PeerBerry’s annual report 2023 was published on the PeerBerry website in May. PeerBerry earned a net profit of EUR 437 745 in 2023. PeerBerry’s last year’s profit was 33% lower compared to 2022 because PeerBerry invested a part of its profits into the development of both platforms, represented by the same team/shareholders.

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