Investing is easy and rewarding
If you are new to PeerBerry, register, invest and receive a +0,5% welcome bonus for 90 days after the registration. Later receive loyalty bonuses based on your portfolio size.
Who can invest?
Individuals and companies can become investors at PeerBerry. Join us: complete a short registration form, verify your identity, and activate your investor account by depositing initial funds. Keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old and that we only accept deposits from the credit, payment, or electronic money institutions within the European Union or third countries currently considered to have AML/CFT systems equivalent to the EU.
How it works
To start investing in our platform fill in the registration form.
Add funds to your account
Become an active investor by adding funds to your investor account.
Track the growth of investments
View your profile daily to track your investments, portfolio, and returns.
Verify your identity
Pass the automated identification process just in a few minutes.
Select and invest in loans
Create your first Auto Invest portfolio using parameters set by you, or manually invest in available loans by filtering them.
Receive invested principal plus earned interest
Funds are accessible in your investor account as soon as the loan repayment is completed.
UX-driven solutions
Filter available loans
Easily review and filter the list of available loans. Select loans you want to invest in based on your preferences.
Enable Auto Invest
Designate your investment criteria and fully automate the investment process by enabling the Auto Invest tool. To achieve the best efficiency, combine your Auto Invest with manual investing.
Track your investments
Review all transactions and track the performance of your investments. See earned profits, check the status of the loans, and the diversification of your portfolio.