20 October 2021
NEW MOON - apartment building in Vilnius with 9% ROI | Lithome

PeerBerry business partner Lithome LLC develops a very attractive to buyers’ real estate project NEW MOON in the Old Town of Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. Investors contributing to the development of this project will benefit from a 9% ROI investing in this project.

Currently, the completion of the NEW MOON construction works is 20%. 80% of 1-4 room apartments are sold out already.

The term of investment is 360 days. The offer includes a Lithome buyback guarantee. 

About the project NEW MOON (Aukštaičių str. 25, Vilnius)

NEW MOON is located in Vilnius Old Town. Two houses with a cozy concept of 1.5–4 room apartments and terraces offer the living surrounded by the charm of the Old Town architecture, food market in the neighborhood, entertainment venues, many cafes, bakeries, parks, and the mood of city life.

The borrower Ausrines butai LLC has been successfully developing different real estate projects in Lithuania, since 2013. The company has extensive experience in the construction industry and building development.

Project details:

Collateral – pledge of all Ausrines butai LLC rights on present and future contracts and receivables

Collateral value – EUR 4 200 000 planned sales revenue

Loan to value (LTV) – 73%

Appraiser valuation – EUR 3 703 700, Centro Kubas LLC, 2021-04-30

Number of apartments – 26

Car parking places – 18

Total area for sale – 1 578 sq.m.

Total investment – EUR 2 900 000

Investment into the land plot – EUR 750 000

Investment into construction – EUR 2 150 000

Invested private capital (Ausrines butai LLC) – EUR 220 000

Invested borrowed funds (Bank) – EUR 1 780 000

Need for funding – EUR 900 000

Completion of construction works – 20%

Sold out apartments – 80%

The end of construction – Q4 2022

NEW MOON developer is Lithome LLC, which is the loan originator on the PeerBerry platform. The loan, worth EUR 900 000, will be repaid to investors on October 20, 2022.

The current status of NEW MOON construction works:

More about the project https://www.newmoon.lt/.

About Lithome

More than 1 000 happy families have already settled in new homes built by Lithome. Over 9 years, Lithome has developed different real estate projects in which the living space amounts to 58 000m2. The value of developed projects is worth EUR 80 million. Lithome is one of the TOP 10 largest and most reliable residential real estate developers in Vilnius.

More about Lithome – https://www.lithome.lt/en/main/.