04 April 2023
PeerBerry is available in French

At the end of March PeerBerry launched a French version of the platform. Now PeerBerry website, the client account, and the app (version 1.8.0) for Android users are available in a native language to French-speaking investors. The app update for iOS users, including a French version, is on its way and will be available to download on the App store within a few weeks.

The PeerBerry investor community from France has grown significantly in recent years. French investors account for 12% of investors actively investing on the PeerBerry platform. According to the number of active investors, France is the second country in the TOP 10 countries from which PeerBerry has active investors. Germany has taken the leading position since PeerBerry’s inception, and Spain has moved from the second to the third position.

Currently, PeerBerry is available to international investors in four languages: English, German, Spanish, and French.

PeerBerry has over 67 000 verified investors from more than 100 countries, 46% of which are actively investing on the platform.