15 July 2022
Adjustments in interest rates from July 18

We want to draw your attention to the adjustments in the interest rates on the PeerBerry platform from July 18. Please note the lowest (10%) and highest (11,5%) margins of the interest rates and adjust your Auto Invest strategies accordingly.

“The drop-down in interest rates is related to the current lower needs for our partners to borrow. Summertime statistically is a less productive season in the short-term lending business, which makes a direct impact on the supply of loans to the platform. Currently, the demand is outstripping the supply on the platform. As every year, we expect markets to grow again in the autumn. At the beginning of the autumn, we also plan to add new business partners, including new markets – the Czech Republic and Kenya. This will bring correspondingly higher supply to our platform, a wider diversity to our investors, also slightly higher interest rates,” – explains Arūnas Lekavičius.

Interest rates applicable from July 18:

Please note that adjusted interest rates are applicable for new investments done from July 18 and have no impact on your current investments.