01 August 2023
July 2023 | EUR 67,6 M of loans were funded

PeerBerry investors funded EUR 67,6 million of loans in July and received EUR 835 412 in interest. The amount of funded loans on the platform was about 4% higher than the previous month.

PeerBerry’s portfolio amounted to EUR 115,83 million at the end of July.

1088 new investors joined the platform last month. Currently, PeerBerry has over 72 400 verified investors.

Since PeerBerry‘s inception, PeerBerry investors have funded over EUR 1.9 billion in loans.

PeerBerry business partners repaid over EUR 1,8 million in war-affected loans in July. Under the Group guarantee mechanism in 17 months of the war, PeerBerry business partners have already repaid EUR 42,65 million, or 85% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors. PeerBerry will process the further repayment of war-affected loans in mid-August 2023.

Consider additional opportunities to invest in

In July, the crowdfunding platform Crowdpear, represented by the same team as PeerBerry, became an EU-level regulated platform – Crowdpear was granted an ECSP license.

As the demand on the PeerBerry platform is high, and many investors face the issue of investing all the funds held in the PeerBerry account, please consider investing part of your funds in Crowdpear.

On the Crowdpear platform, you can invest in property-backed real estate or business loans (primary mortgage) and earn up to 12% annual interest. Crowdpear offers a Secondary market. The Bank of Lithuania supervises Crowdpear’s activities.

Currently, Crowdpear has more than 3 080 international investors and manages EUR 1,67 million investment portfolio.

The same shareholders own the PeerBerry and Crowdpear platforms.