21 July 2020
New loan originator on PeerBerry | Aventus Group introduces a new credit provider in Kazachstan – Credit Plus KZ

Aventus Group introduces a new loan originator to PeerBerry investors – company Credit Plus KZ, established in Kazakhstan in March 2020. Credit Plus KZ is a licensed lending company, that meets all the laws and requirements of the Kazakh market. The company provides short-term loans to private individuals.

“Credit Plus KZ provides an online lending service that does not require visiting the office or providing unnecessary documents. The application takes about 10 minutes only. We provide complete transparency – there are no hidden fees or interest. For PeerBerry investors Credit Plus KZ offers to invest in short-term loans, which amount is up to EUR 280, with a maturity of up to 30 days. All loans, listed on PeerBerry, are double secured – fully backed with a buyback guarantee and a Group guarantee” – explains Anton Vladimirovich Yurchakov, Aventus Group Country Manager for Kazakhstan.

The team of a new Aventus Group company in Kazakhstan decided to start its business with the brand name Credit Plus, which is already well-known entire the Group and very successful in the Ukrainian market.

“We analyze the best practices of other Aventus Group companies in other markets and aim to apply them in the Kazakh market as well. Aventus Group companies in Ukraine are exceptionally advanced and have earned a strong position in the market, which is why we chose the well-known brand Credit Plus in Ukraine. We believe that this brand will be successful in the Kazakh market as well” – says A.V. Yurchakov.

Credit Plus KZ has a team of 59 employees and has high ambitions for the future.

Company website www.creditplus.kz.

Aventus Group develops a lending business in the Kazakhstan market since 2017. Previously, PeerBerry investors had the opportunity to invest in loans of Credit7 and 100Tenge companies in Kazakhstan. At present, these Aventus Group companies in Kazakhstan have fully settled with PeerBerry investors and currently, due to lower lending volumes have no need to borrow through P2P.

More about Aventus Group https://aventusgroup.com/.