15 June 2021
In 2020, PeerBerry's business partner Slon Credit UA earned several times higher profit than in 2019

In 2020, PeerBerry’s business partner in Ukraine Slon Credit earned EUR 73 547 in net audited profit – 14 times more than in 2019. The company works profitable from the first year of operation.

SlonCredit is the first company in the Ukrainian market to issue long-term loans online and offline through brokers and intermediary banks. This makes the company unique compared to other lenders in the Ukrainian market.

Key figures of Slon Credit (Slon Credit, LLC)

  • Net audited profit EUR 73 547 (14 times more than in 2019)
  • Total assets EUR 4 851 812
  • Equity EUR 212 006
  • Liabilities EUR 4 639 806

The company is established in 2018. Currently, Slon Credit employs 73 employees.

The Slon Credit UA financial statements 2020 prepared in accordance with the IFRS can be found here

“Slon Credit is a high level of service and expertise in the field of financial services. We have been proving our status for few years on the market by working with many partners and clients. We offer qualitative unique products with optimal conditions, covering various segments of the consumer loan market. We have done what others couldn’t. We have created an effective business model that meets the demand and the expectations of our clients”, – says Nikolay Rokhmaniiko, CEO of Slon Credit, Ukraine.

Last year was rich in different achievements and recognitions to Slon Credit. Slon Credit was recognized as a “Company of the year 2020”. This national-level recognition is given for the significant contribution to the development of the regional economy, getting the right primacy in the industry, and the excellent dynamics of enterprise development, according to NACE 64.92 “Other types of lending”.

In 2020, SlonCredit also received the “Consumer’s Choice 2020” award for being the first company among consumers of goods and services in Ukraine, which is confirmed by the company’s financial and economic indicators according to NACE 64.92 “Other types of loans”.

In the first year of SlonCredit’s operations, the company was ranked in the TOP 30 in the ranking of microfinance providers in Ukraine. The ranking reflects the quality of service of companies providing credit card loans online.
This year Slon Credit was awarded in the “FinAwards 2021” (Kiev, Ukraine) – the company took 2nd place in the category “Best MFO Online” (MFO – microfinance offer). More information about these awards can be found here

Slon Credit supports projects aimed at helping children with disabilities, orphans, and children left without parental care. The charity partner is DobroDiy Charity Aid Exchange


Slon Credit partners with PeerBerry since 2019.

Visit Slon Credit UA on https://www.sloncredit.ua/.