15 June 2022
PeerBerry repays EUR 1,4 million of war-affected loans

Today PeerBerry business partners are repaying EUR 1,2 million of war-affected Ukrainian and Russian short-term loans.

An additional amount of up to EUR 200 000 of war-affected real estate and business loans will be repaid next week.

Including today’s and next week’s repayments, the total repaid amount of war-affected loans (since the war started) will be EUR 17,5 million, which is 35% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.

As of today, Aventus Group in Ukraine obligations towards investors amount to EUR 9,8 million, in Russia – EUR 15,6 million. Gofingo Group in Ukraine obligations towards PeerBerry investors amount to EUR 7,9 million.

Ukrainian and Russian lenders’ total obligations towards PeerBerry investors before the war was EUR 50,22 million.

You can see the progress of repayments of war-affected loans (the total repaid amount, the amount of remaining war-affected obligations, and repayments by separate lenders or groups), on our “Statistics” page on our website.

Important to know about war-affected loans repayments

  • Aventus Group and Gofingo Group are gradually repaying war-affected loans monthly.
  • Repayments of the war-affected AutoMoney UA and Slon Credit UA loans have been restored in April to be repaid under the initial loan schedule. Keep in mind, that only the principal amount will be repaid under the loan schedule as the accrued interest rate will be repaid at the very end of the schedule.
  • Aventus Group real estate loan and Gofingo Group business loan will be gradually repaid monthly under the war-affected loans repayment plan following the proportionality method.
  • Ukrainian and Russian short-term loans will be gradually repaid monthly under the war-affected loans repayment plan following the proportionality method.
  • The proportionality method means that during each partial repayment of war-affected loans, each investor receives a certain share of their investments. The higher the amount of investments in UA/RU loans, the higher the amount of the repayment. The aim is to gradually repay part of UA/RU investments to all investors.
  • All the interest rates accrued for the war-affected loans will be paid at the very end of the repayment. I.e., invested funds will be gradually repaid, and after all the invested principal amount is repaid, the accrued interest repayment will follow.
  • We want to remind you that interest rates on war-affected loans will be calculated for a limited period. Interest rates for short-term loans will be calculated for the initial loan term plus 60 days of the delay (after 60 days, no interest will be accrued/paid). Interest rates for long-term loans will be calculated for the term till the nearest scheduled payment (under the loan schedule) after suspension (March 15) plus 30 days.
  • If the business in Russia continues to keep a positive development trend, the RUB exchange rate will be stable, and there will be normal conditions to convert RUB to EUR, Aventus Group may consider a compensation mechanism of interest rates for delays longer than 60 days.
  • Until no transfers of funds are available from the Ukrainian and Russian markets, PeerBerry’s business partners will use a part of its profits to gradually repay war-affected loans.
  • The conservatively planned repayment period to repay all war-affected loans in full is 24 months. After transfers of funds from Russia and Ukraine are possible and depending on the overall Group’s profitability, this period may decrease.