15 April 2020
Important updates are introduced on PeerBerry website

We care about our investors’ expectations, so we constantly take into account their observations and suggestions.

At the end of the last year we gave a promise to our investors to make the ‘overhaul’ of our website. Especially in terms of speed. Thus, in the first quarter of this year, the PeerBerry team paid a special attention to the necessary updates on our website. And here it is finally!

New pages with additional information for investors are added, after significant updates, the speed of the website is substantially increased. According to Google speed test results, the speed of PeerBerry website on mobile devices reaches 60-70 (from 100), on desktops – 95-98 (from 100). At this moment this is one of the best speed indicators compared to other platforms.

So, what’s new on PeerBerry website? The main updates in terms of content:

New pages Loan originators and Statistics are added, where our investors will find comprehensive information about each loan originator with main key figures of their performance on PeerBerry. On the Statistics page, investors will find information on the dynamics of Loans funded on a monthly basis since the start of PeerBerry’s operations, as well as the dynamics of interest paid to investors. The geography of PeerBerry investors is added as well.

Help page on the website was updated as well. In Help centre investors will find even more answers to their questions. The Search function has been installed, which will help you to find relevant information faster according to the desired keywords.

Improvements in client accounts

Recently, the necessary updates have also been implemented in client accounts – the speed of Overview function and Auto Invest tool was optimized.

The platform is a technology product that requires constant maintenance and timely updates. If you notice any inaccuracies or have suggestions for improvements, please feel free to contact us. We appreciate your feedback.