16 July 2021
The real estate loan and interest in a total of EUR 216 155 was repaid to investors | SIBgroup project K32

On July 16, PeerBerry business partner – real estate developer SIBgroup – successfully closed the construction stage of administrative-commercial real estate project – business center K32. The real estate loan and interest in a total of EUR 216 155 were repaid to PeerBerry investors. Investments in real estate project K32 generated EUR 16 067 in profit to PeerBerry investors. 

The business center K32 is located in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, in the prestigious area Žvėrynas. The value of the real estate in Žvėrynas is one of the most expensive in Vilnius. Very strict requirements for architectural solutions are applied in this district of the capital city.

The total area of 1.414 sq.m. is available for the comfort needs of the business. The value of business center K32 currently is about EUR 3 million. Half of the offices are rented already. SIBgroup plans to offer investors financing part of the interior installation works of the K32 business center.

About SIBgroup https://www.sibgroup.lt/