03 November 2021
SIB Group offers to invest in real estate project in Vilnius | 10% ROI

PeerBerry’s business partner SIB Group, which unites several real estate development companies in Lithuania, offers to invest in a real estate project with a 10% ROI. The term of investment is 720 days. The offer includes a buyback guarantee. 

SIB Group partner, company Lini namai, LLC is buying a land plot in the center of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania to develop a real estate project – a residential building in the prestigious district Zverynas.

Project details:

The loan originator in this project is SIB Group company SI Baltic, LLC. The borrower is Lini namai, LLC. SIB Group has been successfully developing different real estate projects in Lithuania for more than 12 years.

  • Collateral: pledge of all Lini namai LLC rights on present and future contracts and receivables
  • Collateral value: 546 000 Eur, Inreal LLC, 2021-10-08
  • Loan to value (LTV): 37%
  • Appraiser valuation: 546 000 Eur, Inreal LLC, 2021-10-08
  • Purchase price of the land plot: 500 000 EUR
  • Private capital investments in the land plot (Lini namai LLC): 300 000 EUR
  • Total area of the land plot: 0,1326 ha
  • Need for funding: 200 000 EUR

About SIB Group https://sibgroup.lt/

About Lini namai https://www.lini.lt/