19 July 2023
PeerBerry partners in Kazakhstan made EUR 4,7 million in net profit in 2022

In 2022, PeerBerry business partners CreditPlus KZ, Credit365 KZ, and AutoMoney KZ in Kazakhstan all together made EUR 4,7 million in net profit – significantly more compared to 2021 (Aventus Group’s total net profit in 2021 in Kazakhstan was EUR 0,8 million).

In 2022, Aventus Group companies in Kazakhstan issued EUR 202,7 million in loans – almost 5 times more than in 2021.

At the end of June 2023, the total loan portfolio of Kazakh companies amounted to EUR 45,23 million. Kazakh loans account for 30% of the PeerBerry outstanding portfolio.

Currently, PeerBerry partners with five lenders from Kazakhstan: leasing company AutoMoney KZ (joined PeerBerry at the beginning of 2019), four short-term lenders CreditPlus KZ (joined PeerBerry in the mid of 2020), Credit365 KZ (joined PeerBerry in the mid of 2021), A Credit KZ (joined PeerBerry at the end of 2022) and OneCredit KZ (joined PeerBerry in the mid of 2023).

Aventus Group is one of Kazakhstan’s largest short-term lenders, taking 25% of the market under the volumes of loans issued.

The audited financial statements 2022 of Kazakh companies CreditPlus KZ and Credit365 KZ will be published on the PeerBerry website before the end of September (currently, these companies are in the auditing process). The audit is not mandatory for the leasing company AutoMoney KZ. A Credit KZ and OneCredit KZ will provide financial statements for 2023 next year (as these companies started activities at the end of the last year/this year)

PeerBerry business partners prepare their financial statements following local laws and regulatory requirements.