14 March 2022
Aventus Group in Poland earned EUR 6.96 million in net profit in 2021

In 2021, companies that work under the Aventus Group name in Poland earned EUR 6.96 million in net profit – almost 3 times more than in 2020.

Polish companies that partner with PeerBerry in 2021 issued EUR 96.90 million in loans – EUR 35,58 million more than in 2020. 

“Last year Polish companies made tremendous progress in terms of profitability and development, and it is reflected in the results reached in 2021.  Last year was a year of intense work: we have focused on expanding cooperation with our existing partners, we made some changes in our marketing tactics, and we dedicated special attention to risk management and our clients’ support.  We are glad that all our actions have paid off and have brought tangible results for our business development“, – comments Anna Kowalewska, CEO of Aventus Group for the Poland market.

“We see that today’s geopolitical context will require businesses in various countries to adapt to the current and coming circumstances, to handle with changing economic situation, and the Polish market here is not an exception. As a company with many years of experience, we are confident that we already have a flexible strategy in place which we have used during the pandemic. We are successfully operating for 10 years in the Poland market. Our long-term experience is our strength and our advantage in adjusting our actions to the rapidly changing environment, analyzing the priorities, and implementing them. We forecast, that the need for short-term loans will increase this year. We plan slightly higher volumes of loans this year compared to the last year while keeping hands on strict risk management policies”, – says Anna Kowalewska.

Aventus Group in Poland operates since 2012.

On the PeerBerry platform, 4 Polish companies offer investors to invest in loans. The audited 2021 financial statements of Polish companies will be published on the PeerBerry website before the end of July.

PeerBerry business partners prepare their financial statements following local laws and regulatory requirements.