08 August 2022
Andrejus Trofimovas becomes a shareholder of PeerBerry

Andrejus Trofimovas, the CEO of Aventus Group, became a shareholder of PeerBerry. Andrejus Trofimovas acquired a 50% stake in PeerBerry from former shareholder Igoris Trofimovas, who has been a shareholder of PeerBerry since May 2021.

Andrejus Trofimovas, CEO of Aventus Group

“My decision to become a shareholder of PeerBerry lies in my perception of what responsibility is. Loans issued by Aventus Group companies make up the largest share in PeerBerry’s portfolio – more than 80%. It is a huge responsibility towards PeerBerry investors and their trust in us. Aventus Group companies and other PeerBerry business partners take the obligation to ensure the repayments of loans investors have invested in. We deliver our results by real actions, not by promises. PeerBerry investors saw it within 5 years of PeerBerry operations, including the pandemic crisis, and now – while a part of our business is paralyzed by the war in Ukraine. My decision to join PeerBerry as a shareholder for investors means that the PeerBerry team, I, other shareholders, and all business partners together, we will continue delivering responsible business decisions and responsible actions with no excuses” – says Andrejus Trofimovas.

After the transfer of PeerBerry shares, Igoris Trofimovas, a former shareholder of the platform, became a shareholder of the real estate development company Lithome, which has successfully developed real estate projects in Lithuania for more than 10 years. I. Trofimovas works in the real estate industry for many years and will further focus only on the development in this area.

PeerBerry returns to its roots

PeerBerry was launched by Aventus Group in November 2017. Later Aventus Group management decided to focus its activities on lending activities only and sold PeerBerry shares to external shareholders. Throughout 5 years of the platform’s operations, Aventus Group became one of the largest businesses in the lending industry. PeerBerry became one of the leading alternative investment platforms in Europe.

Currently, PeerBerry partners with Aventus Group and Gofingo Group companies, also with real estate developers Lithome, SIB Group, and renewable energy company Litelektra.

PeerBerry is owned by 3 shareholders – Andrejus Trofimovas (50% of shares), Vytautas Olšauskas (25% of shares), and Ivan Butov (25% of shares).