01 June 2022
May 2022 | PeerBerry grew by 16% in funded loans volumes

After very positive growth in April, in May, the volumes of funded loans on PeerBerry further grew by 16%. EUR 38,48 million of loans has been funded on PeerBerry last month.

1 124 new investors joined PeerBerry in May, which shows that investor mood is back to pre-war levels.

Key figures at the end of May 2022 (vs April 2022)

  • PeerBerry’s total portfolio at the end of May: EUR 89 446 556 (+1% ↑)
  • total loans funded (cumulative since inception): EUR 1 184 637 362 (+3,5% ↑)
  • the loan volume funded in May: EUR 38 457 743 (+16% ↑)
  • the interest earned by investors since inception: EUR 13 438 681 (+4% ↑)  
  • the interest paid to investors in May: EUR 491 855
  • the average annual ROI in May: 12.77% (without loyalty interest)    
  • the number of investors at the end of May: 55 665 (+1 124 ↑)   

The total PeerBerry’s portfolio at the end of May amounted to EUR 89,45 million.

Information on repayments of war-affected loans

In May, PeerBerry repaid about EUR 3 million of war-affected loans.

Since the war started, PeerBerry business partners have already repaid EUR 15,98 million of war-affected loans, or 32% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.

You can see the progress of repayments of war-affected loans (the total repaid amount, the amount of remaining war-affected obligations, and repayments by separate lenders or groups), on our “Statistics” page on our website.

If you have questions regarding your investments in war-affected loans or if you need our assistance to help you to understand what amount of war-affected loans you have received after partial repayments, we kindly invite you to contact our Client Support.

Partial repayments of war-affected loans are being implemented every month until war-affected loans are repaid in full.