13 March 2020
Aventus Group and Gofingo Group applies an additional Group guarantee to protect all investors investments

In the light of recent global challenges, the management of PeerBerry, Aventus Group and Gofingo Group took responsible decision to apply an additional Group guarantee to all loans issued by Aventus Group and Gofingo Group to enhance an additional investments security for PeerBerry investors. Previously additional guarantee was applied to those loan originators, who were relatively new on the market.

“Our clients are our greatest assets. In an uncertain situation in international markets, we strive to provide the highest level of security for our investors” – states Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

What does additional Group guarantee mean for investor and how does it work?

In case some loan originator will face financial troubles and will not be able to implement buyback guarantee, additional Group guarantee will ensure additional protection for your investments. The main PeerBerry partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group has signed additional guarantee agreements with loan originators. This means that in case of insolvency of some company, other Aventus Group and Gofingo Group companies will cover all the liabilities of this company on purpose to protect investors investments, maintain transparency and good reputation of all the Group.

Investing in P2P is reasonable

When international markets are exposed to various fluctuations, profits from investing in P2P loans remain very stable in comparison with other investment means like stocks, bonds etc. Don’t miss the opportunity to earn higher and guaranteed interest on your investment in PeerBerry.

In response to changes in international markets, some of PeerBerry loan originators raised interest rates slightly to ensure a guaranteed return on your investment.

Tip on how to get the highest return:

  • review your Auto Invest strategy to make sure that the highest interest rate loans fall into your strategy;
  • in case you prefer to manage your investments manually, review all loan originators offers and choose the most attractive deals for you to invest in.

We remind you that all the loans you invest in PeerBerry come with a buyback guarantee and an additional Group guarantee from Aventus Group and Gofingo, which ensures a double protection for your investment.

Please contact our Customer Support team in case you have some questions or need help in your investment journey.