07 April 2021
March 2021 | PeerBerry is the most efficient growing platform compared to the market

Market statistics show that PeerBerry is the most efficient growing platform. Comparing the volume of loans funded in March this year with March last year, PeerBerry shows 198% growth, and it is the highest growth compared to other platforms in continental Europe.

In March this year, the amount funded on the PeerBerry platform was 17% higher than in February. The total amount of 35.6 million EUR was funded through PeerBerry in February – the best result in the history of PeerBerry so far.

The main PeerBerry figures for the end of March 2021

  • the total loan volume originated since inception: 485 913 035 EUR (+7.9% growth)
  • the loan volume originated in March: 35 558 653 EUR (+17.4% vs February 2021)
  • the number of loans originated in March: 218 452 (+21% vs February 2021)
  • the interest earned by investors since inception: 5 298 142 EUR (+8.8% growth)
  • the average annual ROI at the end of March: 11.43% (-0.24 pp vs February 2021)
  • the average nominal interest rate of loans originated in March: 11.19% (+0.12% pp vs February 2021)
  • the number of investors at the end of February: 33 542 (+1349 new investors per month)   

Comparing March with February, PeerBerry’s total portfolio grew by 10% and amounted to 44.37 million EUR at the end of March.

“We see positive signs in international markets. Our partners showed very good performance in March, which also led to a larger supply of new loans on the platform last month. The growing investment needs of our investors will be met in the coming months as our partners plan further growth in issuing new loans” – says Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

In early March, PeerBerry released its long-awaited mobile app, which received the best feedback from investors. To make the mobile app even more user-friendly and convenient to use, the PeerBerry team is continuing to improve the app and will soon offer investors new features.