30 September 2020
Information on adjustments to loan originators list

Dear Investors,

As you are already aware, currently, PeerBerry is in cooperation with the Latvian regulator FCMC to obtain an IBF license. While the process of regulating P2P platforms in Latvia is underway, we provide a detailed report on the activities of the platform to the regulator every month.

One of the areas carefully assessed by the regulator on a monthly base is the platform partners – loan originators. We have agreed with the regulator that loan originators who do not borrow for some time and have no plans to borrow through the PeerBerry in the nearest months, should be removed from the list of partners.

To comply with this agreement, we have responsibly reviewed our list of partners and removed from the list of loan originators some business partners – only those who are fully settled with all PeerBerry investors and have not needed to borrow via P2P for some or quite a long time.

As of today, we remove the following partners from the list of PeerBerry loan originators: