19 February 2020
Lithome business review 2019 and plans for 2020

Lithome is one of PeerBerry business partners with 5% of share in loans, listed on PeerBerry platform.

The company has been successfully developing real estate projects in Vilnius, Lithuania for 9 years. More than 700 happy families have already settled in new homes, built by Lithome. Over 9 years, Lithome has developed different real estate projects which living space amounts 41,000m2. The value of developed projects is worth 55 million Eur. Lithome is one of TOP 10 largest and most reliable residential real estate developers in Vilnius.

The year 2019 was very successful for the companies of Lithome. Lithome fully completed the construction and sold all apartments of project “Visinoriai” (address: M.Sleževičiaus str. 14th, Vilnius, Lithuania), just 5 flats unsold left of the apartment building project “N-Garden” (address: Naugarduko str. 50B, Vilnius, Lithuania).

Office and apartment complex “Platinum48” (address: Antakalnio str. 48a, Vilnius, Lithuania) is currently under construction. The construction completeness at this moment is 70 %. Currently over 80 % of the building area has been sold. The construction completeness of another apartment building – residential house “Pylimėliu38“ (address: Pylimėlių St. 38, Vilnius, Lithuania) is 50 %.

During last year Lithome has sold over 140 flats in Vilnius for more than 9 million Eur.

In 2019 Lithome fulfilled its obligations to investors, who invested in Lithome loans on PeerBerry and repaid almost 900 000 Eur.

In the Q1 2020, Lithome has begun construction of a new apartment project on Taikos avenue (address: Taikos str. 157B, Vilnius, Lithuania). During the first 2 months of the project 30 % of the apartments have already been sold.

The value of Lithome projects, which currently are under development exceeds 10 million Eur.

In 2020 Lithome plans to launch 3 new residential projects in Vilnius (200 apartments). Estimated investment – 12 million Eur.
More information about Lithome company and its projects.

Some of the most recent Lithome projects:

Project Platinum 48
Project Platinum 48
Project Taikos avenue
Project Visinoriai
Project Visinoriai
Project Pylimeliu 38
Project Pylimeliu 38