18 March 2024
LendPlus from South Africa starts offering loans on PeerBerry

Aventus Group lender LendPlus from South Africa starts offering short-term loans on the PeerBerry platform. South African loans are backed with a buyback and a group guarantee and will generate an 11% annual return to PeerBerry investors. 

Aventus Group company LendPlus (legal name Lendplus Technology (Pty) Ltd) was founded in June 2023. To date, the LendPlus portfolio amounts to EUR 0,6 million. South African lender currently employs 17 employees. The company’s website – https://lendplus.co.za/

LendPlus ZA loans will be available on the PeerBerry platform every business day. Include LendPlus ZA in your Auto Invest portfolio if these loans meet your investment strategy.