25 November 2022
A Credit from Kazakhstan joins the PeerBerry platform

A microfinance company, A Credit, launched by Aventus Group in the Republic of Kazakhstan in February 2022, joins the PeerBerry platform.

A Credit will offer PeerBerry investors investments in short-term loans with an 11,5% annual return. A Credit loans offered to PeerBerry investors include a buyback and a group guarantee.

A Credit is an online microcredit company that issues short-term loans to its clients on transparent and favorable terms, in a convenient digital way, without visiting the office.

To date, the A Credit portfolio exceeds EUR 0,5 million. At A Credit, 15 employees currently work. The company’s website – https://acredit.kz/

The first loans offered by A Credit will be uploaded on PeerBerry at the beginning of the following week. These loans will be available on the platform every business day. 

Make sure to include A Credit in your Auto Invest strategies if these loans meet your investment strategy.