24 March 2022
In 2021, Aventus Group’s business in Kazakhstan grew more than 3 times

In 2021, Aventus Group companies in Kazakhstan issued EUR 41,6 million in loans – 3,4 times more than in 2020. At the end of 2021, Aventus Group’s total portfolio in Kazakhstan amounted to EUR 14,2 million (the total portfolio grew 2,8 times compared with 2020). Last year, Aventus Group’s total profit in Kazakhstan was EUR 0,8 million.

Assessing last year’s growth and the results reached in Q1 2022, Aventus Group plans to issue about EUR 90 million in loans in Kazakhstan, reaching up to EUR 6 million profits this year (the profit forecast is calculated assessing possible currency fluctuations).

Aventus Group in Kazakhstan operates since 2018.

On the PeerBerry platform, 3 companies from Kazakhstan offer investors to invest in loans – Credit Plus KZ, Credit365 KZ, and AutoMoney KZ. The audited 2021 financial statements of Kazakh companies will be published on the PeerBerry website before the end of July.

PeerBerry business partners prepare their financial statements following local laws and regulatory requirements.