01 March 2024
February 2024 | PeerBerry investors funded EUR 62.74 M of loans

PeerBerry investors funded EUR 62.74 million of loans in February and received EUR 775 629 in interest.

Last month, the platform offered loan volumes similar to those in January -about EUR 3 million every business day. However, the total funded amount was 14% lower than in January because February is a shorter month. 

According to our partners’ business plans, loan volumes in March are expected to be higher, about EUR 3.5 million every business day, ensuring our investors more possibilities to invest in loans.

PeerBerry’s portfolio slightly increased in February (compared to January) and amounted to EUR 106.29 million at the end of the last months.

In February, 1 135 new investors joined the platform. PeerBerry currently has over 80 100 verified investors.

Since PeerBerry’s inception, investors have funded EUR 2.44 billion of loans and earned EUR 29.78 million in interest.