14 June 2023
Cash24 from the Philippines joins the PeerBerry platform

One more lender, Cash24 from the Philippines, joins the PeerBerry platform. Cash24 will offer PeerBerry investors investments in 180 days-term business loans with a 12% annual return. Loans provided by Cash24 to PeerBerry investors include a buyback and a group guarantee.

Cash24 (legal name Cash24 Financing INC) is a licensed lender in the Philippines, launched in November 2022 by Gofingo Group. The company started issuing loans this year. Cash24 focuses on innovative automated solutions, making the loan disbursement process fast and easy for borrowers.

To date, the Cash24 portfolio amounts to EUR 120 000. At Cash24, 20 employees currently work. The company’s website – https://cash24.ph/.

At the beginning of the partnership, Cash24 loans will be available on the PeerBerry platform two times a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays).

Make sure to include Cash24 in your Auto Invest if these loans meet your investment strategy.