06 September 2022
The PeerBerry app goes black

PeerBerry launches a dark-mode version of the app. Up to now, only a light-mode version has been available to Android and iOS users. The dark-mode version was long-awaited by the part of PeerBerry app users, so we expect that now our application will be attractive to even more investors.

If you are not using the PeerBerry app yet, you are welcome to download it on:

To enable dark mode on your app, go to Settings (right corner on the top of your device), choose Appearance, and then choose Dark. In the same way, you can set a light mode on your app.

PeerBerry launched its app in March 2021. Currently, 40% of active PeerBerry investors are using the app daily. PeerBerry app provides full functionality to invest in loans and track the performance statistics of the portfolio. The app includes various filters, statements, notifications, and other helpful features.

Please note that the PeerBerry app is not adjusted to display war-affected loans separately. Please use the desktop version to conveniently track the war-affected loans (the repayments of war-affected loans).