15 November 2023
EUR 46.2M or 92% of war-affected loans have been repaid to investors

In 21 months of the war (since February 24, 2022), PeerBerry business partners Aventus Group and Gofingo Group have, in total, repaid PeerBerry investors EUR 46.2 million or 92% of the total outstanding war-affected obligations.

Today, Gofingo Group repaid PeerBerry investors EUR 200 000 in war-affected loans. These repayments are being processed on the PeerBerry platform every month in the middle of the month. Aventus Group’s war-affected long-term loans are repaid monthly under the initial loan schedules.

The remaining war-affected obligations on the PeerBerry platform:

  • Aventus Group’s war-affected long-term obligations (AutoMoney and Slon Credit Ukraine) amount to EUR 0.87 million. These loans are being repaid monthly under the initial loan schedules. Each last repayment of the principal amount is being repaid with the accumulated interest.
  • Gofingo Group’s war-affected short-term obligations (Zecredit, EuroGroshi, and Gofingo Ukraine) amount to EUR 3.58 million. Gofingo Group will continue covering its war-affected obligations in the middle of each month. The accumulated interest will be repaid with the last repayment of war-affected loans.

Compared to other war-affected platforms, PeerBerry is the first and the only investment platform in the entire market that fully repaid war-affected Russian loans (totaling EUR 20.27 million of the invested principal amount) with no losses to investors. Also, PeerBerry partners already repaid the most significant amount (totaling to EUR 25.9 million) of Ukrainian war-affected loans compared to the competition.

If there is no new major turbulence, it is realistic that our business partners will cover their war-affected obligations in full before the end of next year.

You can see the progress of repayments of war-affected loans (the total repaid amount, the amount of remaining war-affected obligations, and repayments by separate lenders or groups) on our “Statistics” page on our website.