05 May 2023
April 2023 | EUR 60,35 M of loans were funded

In April, EUR 60,35 million of loans were funded on the PeerBerry platform. Our investors received EUR 744 450 in interest last month. The average annual ROI on PeerBerry in April was 11,1%.

The supply of loans on PeerBerry was lower by 8% in April compared to March due to the lower needs of our business partners to borrow through the platform. PeerBerry’s portfolio amounted to EUR 112,8 million at the end of April.

1552 new investors joined the platform last month. Currently, PeerBerry has 68 956 verified investors.

Since PeerBerry‘s inception, PeerBerry investors have funded EUR 1.74 billion in loans.

PeerBerry business partners repaid over EUR 1,8 million in war-affected loans in April. Under the Group guarantee mechanism in 14 months of the war, PeerBerry business partners have already repaid EUR 36,8 million, or 73,3% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.

PeerBerry will process the next repayment of war-affected loans in mid-May 2023.

Focus on business diversification

PeerBerry’s business partners focus on more significant business diversification, giving our investors more opportunities to invest in loans issued in various countries. At the end of April, Aventus Group lender LendPlus from India started offering investments in loans on our platform.

We plan to onboard new lenders from the Philippines and Kazakhstan to the PeerBerry platform in the coming months. Lenders from Spain and Mexico are on the way to join our platform later this year.

Due to the uncertainty of Vietnam’s local regulations for issuing short-term loans, Vietnamese loans will no longer be offered on the PeerBerry platform. Vietnamese loans are being repaid to our investors under the initial schedules of loans. All Vietnamese loans will be repaid in full to our investors before the end of the coming week. Please note this information and plan your investment strategies accordingly.

Please also note that the demand to invest in loans (especially short-term) is high on our platform. Combining manual investing with Auto investing helps to invest funds more effectively. Our platform lists new loans on business days in the first part of the day.

More opportunities to invest

You are welcome to consider additional opportunities to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in property-backed loans with up to 12% ROI on a regulated crowdfunding platform Crowdpear represented by our team.