30 September 2021
SelfieCredit UA and CashXpress PH launches on the PeerBerry platform

On October 1, two new business partners are joining the PeerBerry platform – SelfieCredit from Ukraine and CashXpress from the Philippines. Selfie Credit UA will offer investors short-term and long-term loans with a 9% annual return, short-term loans from CashXpress PH will be offered with 11% on the PeerBerry platform.

Loans of both partners are secured by a buyback and a group guarantee.

Make sure to include Selfie Credit UA and CashXpress PH in your Auto Invest strategies if these companies meet your investment strategy.

About SelfieCredit UA

SelfieCredit (legal name Selfie Credit, LLC) is a lending company in Ukraine that provides customers with short-term (up to 30 days) and personal loans (up to 180 days). SelfieCredit activities are supervised by the National Bank of Ukraine.

SelfieCredit is a new generation fast online lending service whose approach to business is based on European practices, and the use of innovative technologies. The company’s capabilities and knowledge in the field of technologies allow it to process applications 24/7 and automatically receive the personal data of the consumer by using selfies.

SelfieCredit UA is founded in March 2021. Currently, the SelfieCredit UA short-term loan portfolio amounts to EUR 785 000, long-term loan portfolio amounts to EUR 90 000. At SelfieCredit UA currently work 10 employees.

Company’s website https://selfiecredit.com.ua/.

About CashXpress PH

CashXpress (legal name CashXpress South-East Asia Lending Inc.) is the FinTech company – the online lending platform in the Philippines, that provides an easy, advanced, and fast way to get credit to local clients at their fingertips through mobile or pc connectivity. The approval can be finalized in a few minutes, and the borrower can get funds in his/her account in no time.

The company is established in March 2019. Currently, the CashXpress PH loan portfolio amounts to EUR 190 000. At CashXpress PH currently work 19 employees.

Company’s website   www.cashxpress.ph/