07 September 2021
August 2021 | Development, stability, and growth

The last month of summer for PeerBerry and PeerBerry’s business partners, as usual, was about steady growth and stability in all aspects. In addition to daily operations, PeerBerry actively continued improving the platform and the mobile application. Last month, investors were offered the awaited push notifications service in the PeerBerry app. The platform announced that it is receiving crowdfunding and EMI licenses in Lithuania soon.

Key figures for the end of August 2021

  • the total loan volume originated since inception: EUR 703 961 851 (+8.1% growth)
  • the loan volume originated in August: EUR 53 118 741 (+11.3% vs July 2021)
  • the number of loans originated in August: 323 704 (+7% vs July 2021)
  • the interest earned by investors since inception: EUR 7 750 213 (+8.4% growth)
  • the average annual ROI at the end of August:  10.98% (-0.03% ppvs July 2021)
  • the average nominal interest rate of loans originated in August: 10,68% (-0.08% pp vs July 2021)
  • the number of investors at the end of August: 42 433 (+1561 new investors per month)

Additional information
Due to the exponentially growing demand on the PeerBerry platform, which exceeds the supply, PeerBerry is suspending the offer “Invite a friend” from October 1 this year.