20 January 2021
Watch P2P EMPIRE talk with the CEO of Aventus Group | Why is the Aventus Group winning?

2020 was an exceptional year for PeerBerry. The platform reached almost 50% growth in 2020. None of PeerBerry’s business partners faced any financial or operational difficulties last year. All PeerBerry partners were responsibly fulfilling their obligations to investors. PeerBerry investors have never experienced any defaulted loans or pending payments. How and why are PeerBerry business partners winning?

We invite you to watch a P2P EMPIRE interview with Andrejus Trofimovas, CEO of Aventus Group, the largest business partner of PeerBerry.

In this interview with Jakub from P2P EMPIRE, A. Trofimovas covers these questions:

  • How did you protect investors’ interest during the pandemic?
  • What concrete measures have you taken to protect your lending business?
  • In which positions did you hire new talent?
  • Which lenders are the most vs least profitable?
  • When can investors expect the audited financial reports this year?
  • Why are there no consolidated financial reports for the Aventus Group?
  • Is the Aventus Group going to issue bonds?
  • Why are you not auditing your reports by the big 4 audit companies?
  • How did you cope with travel restrictions and what’s required to run Aventus Group?
  • Is the interest on PeerBerry sustainable?
  • What is the current leverage?
  • How do you manage the forex risk?
  • Do you expect any revocation of lending licenses in 2021?
  • What’s the chance that Aventus Group defaults?

In diesem Testbericht können Sie sich über die aktuellen Erfahrungen mit PeerBerry informieren.