25 May 2021
In 2020, PeerBerry's business partner Credit Plus UA earned EUR 8,35 million in net audited profit

In 2020, PeerBerry’s business partner in Ukraine Credit Plus earned EUR 8,35 million in net audited profit.

Key figures of Credit Plus UA (Aventus Ukraine, LLC)

  • Net audited profit EUR 8,35 million (+296% growth or 4 times more than in 2019)
  • Total assets EUR 9,97 million (total assets grew up by 73% in comparison with 2019)
  • Equity EUR 6,98 million (the equity grew up by 204% in comparison with 2019)
  • Liabilities EUR 3,05 million (liabilities decreased by 12% in comparison with 2019)

The company is established in 2017.

The Credit Plus UA financial statements 2020 prepared in accordance with the IFRS can be found here

“Key elements of success in our business are innovativeness, professionalism, and a very dedicated team. The competition in the Ukrainian market is very tough, but together with my team we did our best to outstand last year’s challenges and to become one of the leading companies in the market and our results in 2020 speak for themselves” – says Volodymyr Dovgal, CEO of Credit Plus UA.

Credit Plus is one of the leading – one of the TOP 3 – companies in Ukraine in the microfinancing segment. Credit Plus UA was recently awarded in the “FinAwards 2021” (Kiev, Ukraine) as the most efficient company in the marketing category. More information about these awards can be found here.

Visit Credit Plus on https://creditplus.ua/

Charitable activities

Credit Plus UA is actively involved in charitable activities in Ukraine. PeerBerry’s business partners in Ukraine support organizations that care for seriously ill children. Ukrainian companies that work under the Aventus Group brand in 2020 donated EUR 180 000 for children, who have been diagnosed with cancer and other serious diseases.   

Supported organizations in Ukraine:




All PeerBerry business partners in Ukraine successfully grew and earned profits in 2020. The audited financial statements of all our other partners in Ukraine currently are being translated into English and will be published shortly on the PeerBerry website.