03 November 2023
PeerBerry will start offering investments in businesses in Mexico, Tanzania, Nigeria, Colombia, and South Africa

Changes in international markets and the geopolitical situation clearly show that diversification is key to reducing risks for businesses and investors.

“In recent years, Aventus Group has actively worked toward business diversification, expanding its business in new markets. In addition to our long-term partners, last and this year, we offered our investors to invest in loans issued in Romania, the Czech Republic, Spain, Kenya, and India. Very soon, we will add more geographies to the platform – we will start offering investments in businesses in Mexico, Tanzania, Nigeria, Colombia, and South Africa.” – Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry, shares upcoming business plans.

No Polish loans will be available on the PeerBerry platform from January 1, 2024

On January 1, 2024, a new regulation steps into force in Poland, under which Polish lenders will no longer be able to borrow funds from investors through platforms – it will be prohibited by law. Therefore, this regulatory change will affect all platforms that offer investments in loans issued in Poland.

“Any “creativity” in funding Polish lending business through platforms puts the lending company at risk of losing its license. The new law in Poland says that all loan companies are subject to the National Financial Supervision Authority; if any company finances itself through the platform, it will be deleted from the National Court Register and will be restricted from running business” –  reports on a new regulatory change in Poland A. Lekavičius.

“We knew about coming regulatory changes in Poland for quite a long time, and our partners have been preparing for it. Our Polish partners count 10 years of outstanding business performance and are among the market leaders in Poland with solid two-digit million net profits – they are in no need of external funding to develop further successfully. In recent months, our Polish partners have been gradually reducing their exposure on PeerBerry. Currently, the share of Polish loans in our portfolio is 16.6% or EUR 15.9 million. We will still continue listing Polish loans in small volumes; however, all Polish loans will be repaid to investors before the end of this year, and there will be no Polish loans on the PeerBerry platform since January 1, 2024,” – comments A.Lekavičius.

The total loan offering will not decrease on the platform

“It is not the first time we are disconnecting a country with a large supply of loans. I want to remind you that at the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian loans represented 50% of our portfolio. In the first quarter of this year, we also disconnected Vietnam, representing a quite significant share of our portfolio. After disconnecting all these countries, we had a decrease in loan supply, but only temporarily.

Our partners run diversified businesses, and our new lenders from Mexico, Tanzania, Nigeria, Colombia, and South Africa will ensure a sufficient loan supply in the long run. Aventus Group is also expanding its business in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Romania. One more lender from Sri Lanka joined the platform recently. New lenders from Romania and the Philippines will join the platform next year. All these businesses will replace Polish loans and will bring our investors opportunities to invest in.

It is worth noting that Polish lenders will remain in our partners’ group guarantee structure with stable business and solid profits and without obligations towards investors, which only strengthens the group guarantee offered to our investors.

Consider additional opportunities to invest in

As the demand on the PeerBerry platform is high, and many investors may face the inconvenience of investing all the funds held in the PeerBerry account, please consider investing part of your funds in Crowdpear – an EU-level regulated platform, ECSP license holder, represented by our team.

On the Crowdpear platform, you can invest in property-backed real estate or business loans (primary mortgage) and earn up to 12% annual interest. Crowdpear offers a Secondary market. The Bank of Lithuania supervises Crowdpear’s activities.

Currently, Crowdpear has 4 636 international investors and manages over EUR 3 million investment portfolio.

The same shareholders own the PeerBerry and Crowdpear platforms.