16 December 2019
New offer for you - business loan with 11% return on investment

PeerBerry partner Gofingo offers an attractive opportunity for you to invest in P2P loans. New business loan with 11% annual return on investment is listed on PeerBerry platform. Business loan is double secured – Gofingo provides buyback guarantee, successfully operating real estate company Kotoma, LLC provides an additional guarantee.

More about the business loan

The borrower Skolu administravimo centras, LLC is a loan administration and collection company that purchases overdue loans and collects from borrowers.

Key points about Skolu administravimo centras:

  • The company is profitable and successfully operates since 2010;
  • The equity of the company at the end of IIIQ 2019 amounted 187 403 Eur.

The company buys 400,000 Eur value loan and has a claim right of 574 297,80 Eur. The real estate worth 926,000 Eur has been pledged to the Skolu administravimo centras, LLC for this loan, according to the assessment of property valuators Newsec.

About additional guarantee provider Kotoma, LLC

Key points about Kotoma:

  • The company is in the real estate business since 2017;
  •  Kotoma is a member of REWO Group, a well-known real estate developer and owner in Lithuania;
  • Company’s investments in real estate projects in 2018-2019 amounted to more than 2 million Eur;
  • Sales during 2018-2019 exceeded 3 million Eur;
  • The company’s equity at the end of IIIQ 2019 amounted 472 188 Eur.

Kotoma, LLC experience

In 2018-2019, Kotoma successfully implemented a mini-apartment project “TownHouse” (www.town-house.lt) in Vilnius, Helsinki str. Within 18 months were built and successfully sold over 4000 sq.m. area of ​​apartments-cottages, in total – 72 units of property. The company is constantly looking for exclusive real estate projects, trying to discover and create niche real estate products that are missing in the market. Kotoma focus not only on the high-quality of construction works and materials, but also on the architecture, harmony with the surrounding area and nature. The company works with a professional team of architects and engineers who are constantly looking for innovative solutions that meet today needs of modern society.

About Gofingo

Gofingo is one of PeerBerry business partners. Gofingo is privately owned holding company of different consumer and business loan providers profitably operating in the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Ukraine since 2015. Its’ stakeholders have over 20 years of proven track record in banking and lending. All loan providers operate as separate entities, united through shared stakeholders and strong focus towards innovative FinTech solutions and big data analysis for effective risk management. More information: gofingo.com.