26 May 2023
PeerBerry partner in Moldova made EUR 563 135 in audited net profit in 2022

In 2022, PeerBerry business partner in Moldova (Aventus Group company “AVENTUS FINANCE” S.R.L.) made EUR 563 135 in audited net profit, i.e., 80% more than in 2021.

Last year, the Moldovan company issued EUR 15,5 million in loans – 60% more than in 2021. 

As of today, the total Moldovan partner’s loan portfolio amounts to EUR 9 million. Moldovan loans account for about 7% or EUR 6,88 million in the PeerBerry outstanding portfolio.

Aventus Group company “AVENTUS FINANCE” S.R.L. offers to invest in short-term and long-term loans on the PeerBerry platform. The company represents two brands in Moldova – Credit 7 (for short-term loans) and Credit 365 (for long-term loans).

Audited “AVENTUS FINANCE” S.R.L. financial report 2022 can be found on our website, on the Loan Originators page. PeerBerry business partners prepare their financial statements following local laws and regulatory requirements.

Aventus Group in Moldova successfully operates since 2017. According to the volume of loans issued and the number of clients, the Aventus Group company is in the TOP 5 among companies in the same sector in Moldova.