27 April 2022
PeerBerry partner in Moldova earned EUR 312 509 in net audited profit in 2021

PeerBerry business partner in Moldova (legal entity N.C.O. Aventus Finance S.R.L.) in 2021 earned EUR 312 509 in net audited profit. It is a significant improvement in the company’s financial result as in 2020, due to the pandemic impact and due to the changes in local regulation, the company had EUR 138 138 net audited loss.

The company in Moldova operates under two brands Credit 7 MD and Credit 365 MD. The company issues two types of loans – short-term and long-term.

In 2021, PeerBerry’s business partner in Moldova has doubled loan issuing volumes (MDL 204 million has been issued in 2021 vs MDL 109 million in 2020). Considering the geopolitical situation, this year Moldovan company plans to maintain similar loan issuing volumes as in 2021.

Moldova is not a large market. On the PeerBerry platform, Moldovan loans make up a small part of total loans – only 7%.

PeerBerry’s business partner in Moldova started cooperation with PeerBerry in 2019. Currently, Credit 7 MD/Credit 365 MD employs 78 employees.

The audited Credit 7 MD / Credit365 MD financial statements 2021 prepared in accordance with the national accounting standards can be found here.

Visit Credit 7 MD at https://credit7.md/.

Visit Credit 365 MD at https://credit365.md/.