01 June 2021
PeerBerry added a new loan originator from Kazakhstan Credit365 KZ | Short-term loans with 12% ROI

On June 1, 2021, PeerBerry added a new business partner Credit365 from Kazakhstan. Credit365 KZ will offer short-term loans with a 12% annual return on investment. Loans are double secured – fully backed with a buyback guarantee and the Group guarantee.

Established in 2020, Credit365 KZ started its activities this year. Currently, the Credit365 KZ loan portfolio amounts to EUR 320 000. At Credit365 KZ work 23 employees.

“So far, we have cooperated with two business partners in Kazakhstan – the leasing loan company AutoMoney KZ and the short-term lending company Credit Plus KZ. Both partners are relatively young players in the market but both companies are making a profit this year. Our business partners demonstrate good business results, and we see a positive development trend of the Kazakh market, so we add another short-term lender to the platform – Credit365 KZ, which will offer investors to invest in loans with an attractive 12% ROI” – explains Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

„The current situation in Kazakhstan is stable. The peak of the pandemic is in the past. The measures taken during the strong pandemic waves last year have yielded good results. Vaccinations are now being carried out throughout Kazakhstan territory, and we expect good results in the fight against the pandemic. Before the pandemic, loan volumes in Kazakhstan were growing steadily. In 2020 lending volumes decreased, but in 2021 the microcredit market is growing steadily again. The economic situation in the country is gradually approaching pre-pandemic levels“ – shares Meirzhan Issabayev, CEO of Credit365 in Kazakhstan.

About Credit365 KZ

Microfinance organization Credit365 KZ (legal name “Credit365 Kazakhstan”) is established in September 2020. The company works in the Kazakhstan market under the license and following local laws and regulations.

Credit365 KZ used Aventus Group’s knowledge, experience, and FinTech solutions to successfully launch its operations to provide advanced short-term lending services to Kazakh citizens.

Credit365 KZ is an innovative online microcredit service that is convenient, simple, reliable, and secure. By using advanced technology solutions, Credit365 KZ has simplified the process so, that borrowers can get microcredit within only 5 minutes without leaving home.

Company website https://Credit365.kz.