10 November 2023
New business loans to invest in businesses in Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Colombia

Our business partner, Aventus Group, starts offering new business loans to invest in businesses in Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Colombia. The term of new business loans will be from 1 month; the interest rate – from 9% (depending on the country and the loan term).

The Aventus Group company (legal entity Lineura LLC, based in Lithuania) will offer new business loans on the PeerBerry platform. It will distribute the loan to Aventus Group businesses in Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania, Colombia, and South Africa (later, other new lenders may be added). Aventus Group business loans include a buyback and a group guarantee.

“The demand for loans on our platform is very high, and many investors are struggling to reinvest repaid funds every day due to the short term of most loans. We receive many inquiries from our investors about the possibility of having longer-term loans, like 3-6 months term. Together with our business partners, we decided to offer a bundle of longer-term loans dedicated to businesses in different countries. This type of business loans will help our investors invest more effectively in a high-demand environment,” – explains the need for new loans Arūnas Lekavičius, CEO of PeerBerry.

“New lenders usually have lower and fluctuating borrowing needs, which makes the supply to the platform not regular. A bundle of loans, offered as a longer-term business loan, will help investors plan their investments on a more regular basis compared to our current smaller partners’ limited supply,” – A. Lekavičius names the advantages of new business loans.

In the new business loans offered by Aventus Group, investors will see details for which country (or countries) the loan is dedicated. After reaching stable borrowing needs, lenders, funded through new business loans, will be listed on the PeerBerry platform as other loan originators.

The first Aventus Group business loans, dedicated to funding Credito365 (https://credito-365.mx/) in Mexico and LendPlus (https://lendplus.co.za/) in South Africa businesses will be offered on PeerBerry today. Remember to include Aventus Group in your AutoInvest strategies if this offer meets your expectations.