27 April 2020
Lithome projects brought 130 304 Eur profits to PeerBerry investors

On April 26 this year, PeerBerry business partner – real estate developer Lithome – successfully accomplished one more project – apartment building Visinoriai. The residential building is located in a very attractive place for families to live in Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. All 68 apartments are sold already.

1180 PeerBerry investors have invested in Lithome project Visinoriai. In total, PeerBery investors have financed the amount of 459 926 Eur of the Visinoriai project and per one year have earned 39 624 Eur of interest. All investments with the interest earned are already paid out to PeerBerry investors. Assessing all Lithome projects financed by PeerBerry investors, investors have already earned 130 304 Eur of interest in total.

„I would like to sincerely thank all the PeerBerry investors who contributed to the success of the project Visinoriai. You helped us to create cozy home for 68 families. You are a very important part of our business,“ –  says Rasa Radovičienė, CEO of Lithome.

“In cooperation with the PerrBerry platform, we can offer our clients more diverse projects that are being developed in different city locations. The partnership with PerryBerry helped us to implement two successful projects already: Pilaitės parkas (SI Baltic – 106 apartments) and Visinoriai (68 apartments). Projects N-Garden (33 apartments) and the Platinum48 (apartments combined with offices) are currently partly funded by platform investors” – about the partnership with PeerBerry tells R. Radovičienė.

This year the Lithome group of companies has already launched two new objects: Taikos alėja (59 apartments) and Šnipiškių perspektyvos (50 apartments). In the coming months it is planned to start developing two more new facilities in the central part of the city.

Since the beginning of Peerberry’s operations, investors have financed 2 264 286 Eur amount of projects, developed by Lithome.

Currently about 70 000  Eur loan is available on PeerBerry for investors to invest in Lithome project Platinum48 with 12% annual return on investment. More about “Platinum48” offer can be found here.

About Lithome

Lithome has been successfully developing real estate projects in Vilnius, Lithuania for 9 years. More than 700 happy families have already settled in new homes, built by Lithome. Over 9 years, Lithome has developed different real estate projects which living space amounts 41,000m2. The value of developed projects is worth 55 million Eur. Lithome is one of TOP 10 largest and most reliable residential real estate developers in Vilnius.

More about Lithome – https://www.lithome.lt/en/main/.

Project “Visinoriai”