22 April 2021
Let’s make our planet greener with PeerBerry and Treenex

Money doesn’t grow on trees. But what if one tree we plant can give us much more than that? 

Together with Treenex, we decided to take action that will bring the world more value and joy. Let’s build a greener environment, a stronger community, and a sense of responsibility.

Sounds great, but how we can do it with you together? 

By planting trees for more sustainable and greener investments!

Celebrating International Earth Day today, April 22nd, PeerBerry has joined the Treenex initiative of planting trees as a gift for investors. You trust in us – we plant the trees for your trust in PeerBerry.

Why trees?

In PeerBerry, we think about how to be more mindful of nature and human impact. We do believe that buying a reusable straw or saying no to plastic cutlery on your eat-out is not enough. Just thinking about a more sustainable environment doesn’t make it happen, that’s why we step into action.

We’ve joined the Treenex initiative, which levels up our environmental consciousness and takes care of all of the planting processes. Our long-term vision is to plant a tree for each of our investors, thus creating an environmental value for present and future generations.


Into the tree planting initiative, we want to involve all our business-related parties. This spring we start planting trees in the country where our business partners are starting to develop their credit issuing business – India. India is lacking plants in many regions of this country, so we are starting our initiative there. Later, our tree planting initiative will expand to other countries where our business partners operate.

How do PeerBerry investors contribute to tree planting?

This year PeerBerry, together with Treenex, plans to plant 10 000 trees as a gift for those investors who invest more than EUR 1 000 in PeerBerry. Tree planting is funded by PeerBerry. Investors don’t need to do anything extra – as mentioned above, every new tree is a gift to investors for their trust in PeerBerry.

Investors, to whom a tree will be planted, will see a special label for this initiative on their PeerBerry account. On the Treenex website, investors will be able to see the geographical coordinates of where the trees are planted and will be able to see how their trees are growing.

The long-term goal of PeerBerry is to plant a tree for each investor who invests in PeerBerry.

Yet what we can do together, is to take that first step by gifting the world more plants, and creating a cleaner, greener and happier place to live in.