01 May 2024
April 2024 | PeerBerry’s portfolio grew to EUR 110.59M

PeerBerry’s portfolio continued to grow the following month in a row this year, ensuring our investors a higher invested amount, and at the end of April, it amounted to EUR 110.59 million.  

Last month, PeerBerry investors funded EUR 45.52 million in loans. PeerBerry partners offered fewer loans on the platform compared to March, mainly due to regulatory changes in Kazakhstan that temporarily affected the supply of short-term loans. In May, the supply of short-term loans will grow.

In April, our investors received EUR 901 552 in interest.

In April, 1 292 new investors joined the platform. PeerBerry currently has 82 620 verified users.

Since PeerBerry’s inception, investors have funded over EUR 2.55 billion of loans and earned over EUR 31.52 million in interest.