24 April 2020
Invite a friend – get a bonus!

Investing with friends becomes rewarding!

We believe that the best advertisement for any service is a friend’s recommendation. Because who else can know better, than those, who have already tried the service and appreciated all the benefits of that service. Those, who have their own experience, can advise their friends or relatives best by sharing their personal insights and observations.

Starting from today, your recommendations to friends become rewarding! From now on, sharing your experience becomes doubly enjoyable because both, you and your referred friend, will receive bonuses from €10 to even €1000! Currently it is especially worthwhile to do, because by inviting your friends to invest, you will not only get a bonus but also help them earn a passive income, which is particularly needed in times of economic slowdown.

Invite a friend – get a bonus!

It’s very simple. This is how it works:

  1. Go to your investor profile on PeerBerry and click on the button “Invite a friend”. Invite your friends to register on PeerBerry by sharing your unique referral link with them.
  2. Make sure your friend will register on PeerBerry by using your referral link he/she received from you or/and has entered the Referral Code in the Referral code field in registration form.
  3. Your friend should start investing within 30 days after the registration on PeerBerry. Both, you and your friend, will receive a reward depending on your friends invested amount.
  4. You and your friend will receive the reward for every successful referral, which meets Terms and Conditions of “Invite a friend’ program.

More information on the “Invite a friend” program can be found in “Invite a friend” page which is placed in clients’ PeerBerry account.

We wish you a rewarding and profitable investments together with your friends!

In case you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us in the ways convenient to you, which are provided on our website.

The warmest wishes from the PeerBerry team