19 December 2023
In H1 2024, PeerBerry plans to onboard 10 new lenders to the platform

Today, PeerBerry completed the repayments of the last Polish loans. Over EUR 20 million of Polish loans (plus accrued interest) were repaid to investors in November and December. Previously, loans issued in Poland accounted for about 25% of all loans funded through the PeerBerry platform.

We remind you that starting in 2024, on January 1, a law prohibiting Polish loan companies from borrowing funds from platforms will come into force in Poland. PeerBerry’s business partners in Poland are among the leaders in issuing short-term loans to local citizens. The projected profit of Aventus Group companies in Poland in 2023 is EUR 22 million. Without external debt, Polish companies remain in the structure of the Aventus Group guarantee provided to PeerBerry investors, making a group guarantee even stronger.

As there are no Polish loans in PeerBerry’s portfolio, we will remove Polish lenders from the list of PeerBerry loan originators. You can also remove Polish lenders from AutoInvest when adjusting your strategies.

PeerBerry will onboard at least 10 new lenders in H1 2024

PeerBerry’s business partners are successfully implementing a business diversification strategy in various countries. PeerBerry onboarded 7 lenders from 7 countries (Czech Republic, India, Kazakhstan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and Mexico) this year.

PeerBerry plans to onboard at least 10 new lenders in H1 2024 to satisfy investors’ needs. Our plan includes new lenders from the following countries:

–         South Africa,

–         Tanzania,

–         Nigeria,

–         Colombia,

–         one more lender from Mexico,

–         one more lender from the Czech Republic,

–         one more lender from Romania,

–         leasing company from Romania,

–         one more lender from India,

–         one more lender from Spain.

Consider additional opportunities to invest in

The demand on the PeerBerry platform is high, and many investors may currently face the issue of investing all the funds held in the PeerBerry account. To avoid a cash drag, please consider investing part of your funds in the EU-level regulated platform Crowdpear (ECSP license holder), represented by our team.

On the Crowdpear platform, you can invest in property-backed real estate or business loans (primary mortgage) and earn up to 13% annual interest. Crowdpear offers a Secondary market. The Bank of Lithuania supervises Crowdpear’s activities.

Crowdpear currently has over 5 400 international investors. The platform manages a portfolio of about EUR 4 million.