15 June 2020
How safe is PeerBerry? P2P Empire interview with CFO of Aventus Group, the largest PeerBerry business partner

The stability of each platform is very directly related to the platform’s business partners – loan originators. The recent crisis has shown very clearly how badly a platform can be affected if its loan originators face financial difficulties.

PeerBerry together with its business partners has managed the most difficult phase of the crisis very smoothly and has justified the expectations of all investors by making payments on time, immediately after the withdrawal request, without any delay. This is only possible when business partners are financially capable and well prepared for the most difficult crisis scenario.

Financial statements of loan originators are one of the most important criteria that every investor must take very responsibly into account when investing in P2P loans. Investor Jakub Krejci from P2P Empire spoke with Slawomir Swietochowski – CFO of Aventus Group, which is the largest PeerBerry business partner.

The video interview with CFO of Aventus Group covers these topics (video agenda):

0:59 How much do you invest in your own loans? (Skin in the Game)
1:13 What’s the main risk your business is facing?
2:46 How do you cover the buyback guarantee?
3:20 How do the buyback guarantees work?
4:24 What’s your current situation within the Aventus Group?
5:58 Why are some financial reports not audited?
8:27 Why does it take so long to publish those reports?
10:39 Why is there no consolidated audited report available?
12:58 How to evaluate financial reports
14:54 Our opinion of PeerBerry
15:47 What you should keep in mind when investing on P2P marketplaces

Full P2P Empire PeerBerry review can be found here https://bit.ly/30Eao7s.

Full P2P Empire PeerBerry review can be found here https://bit.ly/30Eao7s.