08 April 2022
Few options to support Ukraine

We regularly receive inquiries from our investors who would like to support Ukraine by providing support to the Ukrainian people suffering from the war and fighting for their country’s freedom.

The Russian government’s terrorist attack on Ukraine is endangering the lives of millions of innocent people. We support Ukraine and the courage of its people to defend freedom and democracy. If you want to support Ukraine and its people at this difficult time, consider donating.

We have selected a few reputable options for you to consider donating to Ukraine directing your support to humanitarian aid or supporting the Ukrainian army.

Dedicated account for humanitarian aid to Ukraine at the National Bank of Ukraine

If you want to direct your donation to humanitarian aid in Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine is one of the most reputable and transparent options to donate. Click here to see details on how to donate through the National Bank of Ukraine. EUR and USD donations from a Card are acceptable.

For your convenience, to donate to humanitarian aid in Ukraine through the National Bank of Ukraine, we will provide you with a direct link in your PeerBerry account.

Support Ukraine army through “Blue Yellow”

To support the Ukrainian army you can through one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Lithuania supporting the armed resistance of Ukraine since 2014. “Blue Yellow” has been awarded by the President of Ukraine for participation in humanitarian operations in wartime in the ATO zone.

Your donations through “Blue Yellow” go to the front. Aid is being provided to the soldiers, volunteers, and territorial defense forces fighting for Ukraine’s freedom. Money raised is used to buy helmets, optics, NVD, tactical medicine, vehicles, bulletproof vests, drones, and clothing.

From its inception until the end of March 2022, “Blue Yellow” has raised € 22.9 million to support Ukraine.

More about “Blue Yellow” https://blue-yellow.lt/en.

Bank transfer details to support Ukraine:

Beneficiary: VsI Melyna ir Geltona

Address: T.Ševčenkos 16H-66, LT-03111, Vilnius, Lithuania

Company code: 303420560

Account no. (IBAN) LT17 7300 0101 4089 4869

Bank: Swedbank AB

Bank address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, LT-03502, Vilnius, Lithuania


Payment purpose: PARAMA (Donation)