17 August 2022
EUR 1,4 M | August repayment of war-affected loans

PeerBerry partners continue regular repayments of war-affected loans. The repayment of over EUR 1,4 million of war-affected loans will be performed today.

EUR 1,2 million is dedicated to repaying war-affected Ukrainian and Russian short-term loans. EUR 200 000 will be used to repay war-affected real estate and business loans.

AutoMoney UA and Slon Credit UA long-term loans are being repaid under the initial loan schedule. The last payments of these loans are being repaid with the accrued interest.

After repayments of war-affected loans this month, the total repaid amount (since the war started) is EUR 20,9 million, or 41,62% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.

With the amount of war-affected loans already repaid, PeerBerry’s business partners are significantly ahead of the initial plan to repay war-affected loans within two years. So, we believe that all war-affected loans will be repaid much faster than planned at the beginning of the war.

You can see the progress of repayments of war-affected loans (the total repaid amount, the amount of remaining war-affected obligations, and repayments by separate lenders or groups) on our “Statistics” page on our website.