07 May 2021
Companies in Poland earned EUR 2.55 million in net profit in 2020 | Aventus Group

In 2020, companies that work under the Aventus Group name in Poland earned EUR 2.55 million in net profit – slightly more than in 2019 when the audited net profit of all companies accounted for EUR 2.49 million.

Four Polish companies that partner with PeerBerry generated a total of EUR 1.86 million in net profit in 2020, which is 23% less than in 2019, when the audited net profit hit EUR 2.43 million.

“There is a number of factors that affected the profitability of lending companies in 2020 in Poland. First of all, due to the covid-19 pandemic Polish authorities cut down almost in half the cap rate for total loan revenues. Despite the changes that have been implemented at very short notice all our companies successfully did necessary adjustments to their pricing, marketing, and risk policies – all this resulted in securing their operational and financial efficiency in return. The lower prices of loans have boosted the demand – loans became attractive to a wider range of clients. We see that we are being increasingly approached by clients from the banking sector. Increased demand in short-term loans resulted in the increase of issued loans’ volumes. All of the mentioned above helped our companies to remain in solid profits in 2020“, – comments Anna Kowalewska, CEO of Aventus Group for Poland market.

“I have been associated with the Aventus Group in Poland for 7 years. It is very exciting to see this country’s market evolve and be part of it. This year, another very interesting year is ahead of us, we did a great job in times of crisis, thanks to which we are at the forefront of companies in the loan sector in Poland. The introduced limits on loan costs will cease to apply at the end of June, therefore the company’s profitability will be greater than during their period. In addition, loans are becoming more and more popular among customers who appreciate the convenience and speed of obtaining them”, – says Anna Kowalewska.

5 companies in Poland work under the Aventus Group name. 4 of them are partnering with PeerBerry:

  • Smart Pozyczka (PIXO Sp. z o.o. and LTU Finance Sp. z o.o.) has been partnering with PeerBerry since the end of 2017.
  • Pozyczka Plus (Tusumi Sp. z o.o. and Arena Finance Sp. z o.o.) – since the beginning of 2018.
  • The company Aventus Group Sp. Z o.o. is not related to PeerBerry. This company provides marketing, IT, call-center, and other business support services for companies in Poland.

The audited 2020 financial statements of two Polish companies have already been published on the PeerBerry website. These documents can be found on the “Loan originators” page here:

Two other companies (LTU Finance Sp. z o.o. and Arena Finance Sp. z o.o.) are currently in the audit process. The financial statements 2020 of these companies will be published by the end of June.

Key numbers

  • 2,55 million EUR – the net profit in 2020 (of which €1.27m has been already audited)
  • 9 – years of Aventus Group operations in Poland
  • 24% – the share of Polish loans in the total loan portfolio on PeerBerry
  • 11 million Eur – the current amount invested in Polish loans on PeerBerry
  • 257 million Eur – cumulative issued loans, since the beginning of business in Poland